"Fox Sisters - Start of Modern Spiritualism"
The Advent of Modern Day Spiritualism in Hydesville NY on the night of March 31, 1848

Cathie, said: "Mr. Splitfoot, do as I do'" clapping her hands. The sound instantly followed her with the same number of raps.  When she stopped, the sound ceased for a short time. Then Margaretta said, in sport, "Now, do just as I do. Count one, two, three, four," striking
one hand against the other at the same time; and the raps came as before.  She then said, "Oh, look.  Mother!  It can see as well as hear!"  and so Modern Day Spiritualism was born.

Video and Images of the Fox Sisters Original Stone Foundation
Affidavit of Mrs. Fox along with newspaper account of finding the false wall.

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